Казанский институт биохимии и биофизики КазНЦ РАН


The Laboratory of Biophysics of Transport Processes

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Head of the Laboratory:
Anisimov Aleksandr A., Prof.
Leading research scientist:
Velikanov Gennadii A., Prof.
Senior research scientists:
Alyabyev Alexander Ju., PhD
Belova Larisa P., PhD
Ionenko Irina F., PhD
Research scientists:
Andreyeva Irina N., PhD
Dautova Nailya R., PhD
Ogorodnikova Tatyana I.
Sibgatullin Timur A., PhD
Vorob’ev Vladimir N., PhD
Junior research scientists:
Ilyina Tatyana M., PhD
Suslov Maksim A.

Theme of the laboratory investigations:

Driving forces and regulation of water, ion, and essential element transport in plants.

Directions and tasks of investigations of the laboratory within the theme:

  • Organization of the system of water flow driving forces in plants: their mechanisms, stimuli, and coordination during climatic seasonal alterations. 
  • Study of the effect of the natural set of climatic seasonal parameters on the process of switching of the water transfer pathways and driving forces. 
  • Elucidation of the characteristic features of mechanisms of transmembrane water and ion transfer, the role of membrane contact sites in the traffic of assimilate water solutions 
  • Mechanisms of restoration of water conductivity in plant vessels after gas emboli. 

The most important achievements of the laboratory during the period 2008-2013.

The sensitivity of the apparent coefficient of water diffusion via membranes dependence of aquaporin functioning on the influence of a number of abiotic factors and on the presence of Ca2+ ions in the medium is shown, and the temperature optimum for aquaporin functioning is determined.

(Ionenko et al., Environ. Exp. Bot. 2012; Ionenko et al., Biologia Plantarum 2006, 2010; Ionenko and Anisimov, Rus. J. Plant Physiol. 2007, 2008)

Within the study of regulation of intercellular water transfer by means of hydrodynamic stimuli, alterations in the endomembrane system are shown to occur under pressure values close to upper physiological values (20 bar). The hyperphysiological pressures up to 40 bars result in partial tonoplast destruction, the pasmalemma barrier functions and cell viability being preserved. The correlation between plant growth processes after pressure treatment and increase in transmembrane water transfer and retaining of aquaporin water transport activity is found.

There is obtained experimental evidence in favor of transporting-distributing functions of endoplasmic reticulum based on the ability of the membrane of the latter to form close highly permeable contacts with other membranes inside a cell.

(Velikanov et al.,  Cell Tissue Biol. 2010, 2011; Velikanov et al.,  Biol. Bull., 2011; Velikanov, Biochemistry (Moscow) A: Membrane and Cell Biology (Biol. Membrany) 2009; Velikanov et al., Rus. J. Plant Physiol. 2005, 2008)

The efficiency of the cytoskeleton actomyosin motor in providing active water transport in a cytoplasm on the example of Elodea cells is registered in the form of an extreme temperature dependence of water diffusion coefficient. It is shown that the effect of the cytoskeleton on the water permeability of plasmodesmata and aquaporins can take place both via mechanical (steric) cytoskeleton functions, and via the level of hydration of cytoskeleton components in the course of their synthesis/degradation.

(Vorob’ev and Anisimov, Rus. J. Plant Physiol. 2010; Vorob’ev et al., Eur. Biophys. J. 2008; Vorob’ev et al., Protoplasma 2004; Anisimov et al., Doklady Biochem. Biophys. 2003)

The method is developed to obtain the maps of diffusional permeability of porous (bio)-systems based on the diffusion weighted MRI. For the first time there was obtained the map of diffusional permeability of intercellular water transport pathways in plant tissues. The difference between carrot tissues with respect to diffusional permeability of intercellular water transport pathways is determined. The anisotropy of diffusional permeability in carrot tissues is found.

(Sibgatullin et al., Eur. Biophys. J. 2010; Sibgatullin et al., Biophysics 2007)

Methodical developments 

A number of methodical and technical developments connected to the laboratory investigations are realized. Their main purpose is adaptation of the NMR technique to studies of intact plants (two-channel probe, equipment for mass transfer studies under the effect of static and dynamic pressure immediately in the probe, high stability system of temperature control within the physiological temperatures) and the increase in the sensitivity and stability of low field NMR systems, as well as modification of the NMR technique with pulsed magnetic field gradient in order to widen the range of available diffusion times (during the study of restricted diffusion in liquids) towards the ultra short times.

(Anisimov and Dautova, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2010; Anisimov et al., Concepts Magn. Reson. Part B 2008; Anisimov, Instrum. Exp. Tech. 2009)

Selected Publications 2007-2013

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